Friday, August 11, 2017

Still Friday!

We have gone back in it is still Friday!

We arrived early to the GZ airport. We enjoyed the shops and walking around. We finally found our gate assignment. It was in the "throw back" area. It was old seats, not much air, and packed with people. Then we had to take a tram to our plane and WALK UP THE STEPS INTO THE AIRPLANE!! Keep in mind we now had 3 back packs, 3 carry on suitcases, 2 neck pillows and 1 baby blanket, 1 slow moving toddler and 2 tried travelers!! 😮 But we made it!!

 Henry Mingyu (and Alex and I) did AMAZING!! I guess leaving at 10:15pm has its benefits!! We had very few tears (from any of us!). Thank you for praying us hone!!

It was an almost 12 hour flight. We were served dinner twice. Not really sure why...but oh well!

We slept, watched movies, played, ate twice!, and felt happy to be heading home ❤

Pretty view from our window just before taking off.

We are now in San Francisco. We had a 3 hour layover. We needed it to get through immigration and find where to check in and our gate.

We leave at 10:45pm and arrive home around 7am Michigan time ❤❤❤

Praising God for safe travels and an amazing China adventure to get our sweet son ❤🐼

Grateful, Sandy

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