Sunday, August 6, 2017


Love me some China signs ❤

You might think I only travel to China for the AMAZING breakfast buffets! Ha!!

Well...not so much friends. The bfast was fabulous, but today I have a little boy who didn't get enough sleep. He is unsure of his new location and feeling worried and on edge. And this mama just met him and doesn't speak his language. Just glad I got a good bfast...afraid I am going to need it!

 Today our travel group visited the 6 Banyan Tree Temple. It was very busy since the 15th lunar day is significant.

 I visited the temple during my trips for Darren and Bryan. I really enjoyed sharing it with Alex and Henry Mingyu too...

 Until Henry Mingyu decided to have a melt down. It was similar to our airplane experience except this time I had a Chinese audience. I am serious! There were literally 8-10 adults standing in a half circle right by us....staring! What? Haven't you ever seen a child melt down?! (thankfully it was fairly my eyes had just started getting watery. My heart was breaking for Henry Mingyu. How hard life had to be for him and how brave he is having to be...and the stress of the situation/day/trip was feeling overwhelming to me. I was this is a about to get really interesting! Now we have a melting down child and weeping mama....but then Henry Mingyu stopped) After we pulled ourselves together and started walking away I waved good bye to our audience...really - I did ๐Ÿ˜œ

 Our group then headed to the Chen House.

 It is soooo beautiful ❤

 I visited the Chen House in 2012 but Darren wasn't a fan so we skipped it in 2014. I loved going back ❤

 It isn't as HOT ๐Ÿ”ฅ as ZZ, but the humidity is higher! It is only 95 was 100 our last day in ZZ!

Love this passageway!! 

 We made a quick stop at a local grocery store for snacks. Maybe I should have bought this one...perfect for kids!

 Love just walking around ❤

So many different ramen noodle choices!

Last night Henry Mingyu slept with one leg over me and snuggled right up to my side ❤

He has given me so many kisses I have lost count ๐Ÿ˜

He is a sweet, silly, smiley, shy, and stubborn little boy ❤

and HUGE! Did I mention he weighs 41 pounds?! Oh my aching feels more like 300! But this mama is savoring any and ALL snuggles that come with carrying her new son ❤

I cant wait for the rest of the family to meet him!! ❤

My mom just texted wondering if I was posting a Sunday glad someone is reading ❤ How is this mom?

Grateful, Sandy


  1. Perfect!!! Love the wave--only a mother of 9!

  2. I'm reading!! Just getting caught up from the weekend! Bless your heart for handling it all (the travel, the heat, the language barrier, the melt downs) with such grace! You are Super Mom! Keeping you in my prayers! Jen

  3. I'm reading them all! Looking forward to them each day!!! ❤️