Thursday, August 3, 2017


 Henry Mingyu had his first chicken nuggets. He ate only 2 1/2 so I am not sure he liked them. I tried to buy some Lo Mein noodles for him from the grocery store but he wasn't interested.

 Henry Mingyu wanted an ice cream cone! It was definitely colder than he expected.

 I wasn't sure if he would end up finishing it....but he ate the whole thing! The ice cream was definitely creamier than we are used to - more like frozen custard.

Alex had Subway for dinner. Gotta love the Subway menu in Chinese (right Sam?!) ❤🐼

Henry Mingyu has woken up happy each morning. I just love seeing his morning smile ❤ This morning we stayed in bed and played. We hid under the covers, battled bad guys, whispered secret plans, giggled. and cuddled. It felt so right and was such a positive step in building our mama/son relationship.

When we arrived at breakfast the last 2 days Henry Mingyu looked VERY tired. In the room he seems fine. I am guessing he is starting to feel safe in the hotel room and not as much when we are out. He is definitely looking to me for comfort and will stand VERY close to me ❤

Remind me...when it is 95 degrees and 80% humidity...that going to a park...might not be the best idea....just saying 😜

 At the entrance of the park

 Notice Henry Mingyu standing very close to mama ❤

 Lots of lily pads by a pretty bridge

There was music playing and a very unique sounding local opera singer! I love all the variety found in Chinese parks!

I am not a fan of carnival rides. They don't seem safe to me, they are very dirty, and the carnival workers scare me. Who could make ME RIDE them?! Henry Mingyu of course! 😜❤🐼

  (notice Henry Mingyu holding onto me ❤)

 Super cute try and catch balls as you move around a track

Chinese restaurant for lunch on the way home. I had to take a picture of this pretty presentation.

Grateful for another day with our son!

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  1. So excited reading about sweet Henry Mingyu. Thank you for letting us follow along! Missing you around RTA, but so happy he is finally in your arms.