Thursday, August 10, 2017


My sister sent this to me. It couldn't be more fitting! Life is messy right now, but I couldn't feel more sure this is where God wants us to be ❤

STOP THE PRESSES.....Henry Mingyu said "mama wo ai ni" ❤❤❤❤❤

It means MAMA I LOVE YOU ❤ in Chinese!

I have said it to him a few times a day since meeting him ❤

I have probably kissed him hundreds of times by now. (At least once a day he will kiss me back! ❤)

I figured in time Henry Mingyu would learn to love his new mama. And then at some point even tell me he loved me. I didn't figure the day would come so soon ❤

He was happy to see I was excited so has repeated "mama wo ai ni" to me probably a dozen times today ❤

Sweet, silly, shy, and oh so stubborn baby boy already has my heart ❤❤❤

 We headed back to Shamian Island today. It is one of my favorite spots!

The White Swan Hotel is open again after years of renovation. It is beautiful!

 We tried pictures by the statue again. This time didn't even bother trying to photograph Henry Mingyu alone!

Our travel mates Leah, Rob, and Carter joined us for our island adventure.

 Alex's favorite statue!

 Silly selfie ❤

 We spent a little time at the pool again today. My back was really hurting so I didn't mind that Henry Mingyu just splashed at the edge. The pool is deep so when he is swimming I have to hold his wiggling, active little self the whole time.

No breaking those pool rules! Ha!

Earlier today I pulled a muscle in my lower back. I suppose carrying around a 41 pound "kiddo" and the stress of everything finally added up. Otherwise I am trying to savor the last full day in "my China" ❤

Blessings, Sandy

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