Tuesday, August 8, 2017


I realize yesterday that Henry Mingyu is only calling me mama now ❤ This morning his first word was "mama" as he woke up next to me with a smile ❤ Since it was only 6am he closed his eyes and fell back asleep.

Henry Mingyu's first few days with us he called me "Ayi" the Chinese word for nanny. I started correcting him. I would point to myself and say "mama". The rest of the week half the time he would say "Ayi" and the other half "mama"...sometimes even correcting himself.

Sorry to blog a book each time! Apparently if I don't write it down it didn't happen ๐Ÿ˜œ. I am also blogging on my phone. For a mama of "advanced maternal age" who just started wearing reading glasses this year it is tough! Sorry for all the typos...I just can't SEE them!

 Henry Mingyu is amazing with his dexterity! I love watching all he can do for himself.

Today we went shopping with Ann. I had heard about shopping with her for years. She knows where families can get wholesale prices and also not taken advantage of. Jenn, Matt, and their new daughter Lily Grace joined us for our adventure. We had met them our first morning in Beijing and have really been blessed by getting to know them ❤

 Jenn wanted pearls so we first stopped at the Pearl Market.

 Not sure it's official name...but I am going to go with "Jade Alley". Fascinating place! I have no idea how they can afford to have so much inventory.

 We then headed to the whole sale toy market. We wanted to pick up a few gifts for our "kiddos" back home.

 Chinese Legos!

Did I mention it was once again a 99 degree and humid day? Oh my! So sticky and so sweaty!

I love these red lanterns ❤

We played "how many people can we fit in a taxi?" today as we traveled from location to location. People here don't wear seat belts or use car seats for kids...so why not?! Just for the record we can fit one teen, one toddler, one baby, one shopping guide, and two happy to be shopping adoptive mamas in the back of a taxi! Ha!! ๐Ÿ˜œ

 We then headed over to Shamian Island without Ann.

I love Shamian Island ❤ It is such a beautiful place and I have so many happy memories of time spent there with my girls on my previous trips.❤

 It is an adoptive family tradition to take their newly adopted child's photo with this statue.

Henry Mingyu wasn't having it...so Alex showed him how easy it was to cooperate!

This is as close as Henry Mingyu would go. Did I mention he is a bit stubborn? ๐Ÿ˜•

 I had to settle for a mama and Henry Mingyu picture. He wasn't even happy with that and we almost ended up with a melt down.

Jenn and her family leave in the morning. So blessed that God provided such precious friends to walk along side us in China ❤

Henry Mingyu found the scissors and started cutting! Go Henry Mingyu!! You are AMAZING!!

grateful, Sandy

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  1. Our family has enjoyed watching your adventures! Gloria was fascinated to see her new HSC classmate. Ben enjoyed seeing Bryan's new brother. Blessings to your family!