Wednesday, August 2, 2017


Henry Mingyu is missing most of one of his feet. I was hoping he would come with a workable pair of shoes. He didn't. The tennis shoes I brought fit his one foot but not the other. He tends to trip because the shoe is too big. 

Last night on our way to dinner we stopped by a shoe store. I was looking for the smallest shoe that wasn't soft soled. I tried a few shoes on. They were still too big but better that what we have. I looked up at Henry Mingyu who was sitting in the stroller. He was rubbing one eye and looked like he was about to cry 😪 I asked our guide to ask him what was wrong. He said he didn't want a "baby shoe". Aww....sweet boy. You can wear your big boy shoes. We quickly left the store empty handed.

 Today Henry Mingyu choose a completely different breakfast. He wasn't even interested in the donuts and muffins. I am not really sure why, but we are just rolling with it.

 Alex was interested in swimming. When we showed Henry Mingyu the pool he was VERY excited! We headed up to our room to get our suits on. Henry Mingyu didn't want to put his suit on so I didn't press. He was talking up a storm with excitement....I am assuming about the pool.

We got down to the pool and got our required swim caps. Henry still didn't want to wear his suit. Alex got in the pool. Henry Mingyu splashed at the edge a bit. Then I got in the pool (crazy I know!!!!). Within a few minutes Henry Mingyu was in the pool with me holding him. He didn't have a suit or a swim cap on. Apparently we are rule breakers! Henry Mingyu isn't a fish yet and was very cautious, but did have fun.

We pretty much had it to ourselves!

We ventured out to the grocery store. Henry Mingyu picked out markers. Look at him draw!! Our boy is amazing ❤

Grateful, Sandy

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