Wednesday, August 9, 2017


I love how God connects you to people at just the perfect season of life. Henry Mingyu's bestie from his foster group home has the most amazing family working hard to bring him home. His new mama has been a wonderful support during this whole journey. She is a glass half full person just like me ❤ When either of us hits a rough patch she is quick to say "List 5 positives". I thought I would share my latest answer ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

1. That Henry Mingyu is officially our son ❤
2. That my "kiddos" at home are doing well ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
3. That my mom has given so much to my family while I am away. She has stepped right into the role of mom and is doing a fabulous job (thanks mom ❤ I love you ❤)
4. That Alex and I have been healthy and safe in China
5. That Erik is an amazingly wonderful and supportive husband during all the cRaZy of an adoption journey

 "Family picture"

Alex has been a great travel partner! We work very well together in both fun and stressful situations! What a gift for this mama to get to spend this time with him too ❤

 CCAI group 2458 picture (one Family missing)

We enjoyed so many wonderful group dinners out for Chinese food that I have lost track of how many!

We had an AMAZING group!!! I am so very thankful for all of the friendships, love, and support we shared ❤

 An early breakfast before meeting in the lobby at 7:30am for our consulate appointment.

 Breakfast anyone?!

 American Consulate appointment to apply for Henry Mingyu's visa into the USA

Henry Mingyu played with the other kids in our travel group for the first time. He is usually very shy when we leave the room. He even shared his toys and food!

 We celebrated with some McDonald's. Henry Mingyu was most impressed with the Happy Meal toy. (We didn't order any of the interesting choices in the picture)

Where we are staying in Guangzhou

 Parked in front of our hotel!

Guess who got in?!!

It took him an hour, but better late than never! I made sure we all headed down to the pool with BARE FEET! Henry Mingyu stood and then sat at the edge of the pool and splashed for a long time. Finally Alex thought we should just pull Henry Mingyu into the pool. I didn't want to, but gave Alex the go ahead. Henry Mingyu wasn't happy and screamed a little fit. Then decided the pool was fun so played for 30 minutes until it was time to get out for dinner.

A couple of stories I don't want to forget:

Our guide Jason was given the English name Lloyd by an English college professor. After working for CCAI for a while the owner said he was tired of being asked why "Lloyd" was his employee's name so he told Jason he needed to pick a new name...ha!

I shared with a fellow adoptive mom. (who lives in Shanghai) that changing a child's name feels wrong. She shared that now when they are school age all Chinese kids are given an English name by their parents. That makes me feel better. I had no idea! We started by calling our new son Mingyu (his given name and what he was called in his foster group home). This week we have added Henry to it. At some point after we are home he will probably get called just Henry. Mingyu is now his middle name.

Apparently there is not really a Chinese word for the English word "please". I guess please just isn't used much! Interesting!

Last night before bed Henry Mingyu and I cuddled. (It's hard to get a good picture of someone cuddled right up to you. I did snap this as he popped his head from under the covers.)

He is learning to love a new mama ❤

He is learning to be loved by a new mama ❤

I don't know how much he was loved and cuddled. In the pictures I received it looks like he was the oldest child in his foster group home. There looked to be maybe a dozen kids? My guess would be they had their hands full cuddling the babies.

He is learning to cuddle his new mama ❤

Last night Henry Mingyu wanted to lift my shirt and lay his head on my bare belly. I hope you don't think badly of him. Or think it odd of him. He wasn't doing it in a sexual or strange way. Right away it brought me back to my "babies like that skin to skin contact with their mama's". Henry Mingyu and I missed out on that. I love that somehow intuitively he knew he needed that. He knew as part of our bonding and attaching to each other that skin to skin was important ❤

Two more days until we start our long journey home,

 Grateful, Sandy

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